“Come on, Mum, jump off the high jetty with us!”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard my son’s words. I don’t like heights, BUT, before any excuses could get the better of me, I said “yes”. I decided to face my fears and declared that I will do it – “jump into 2022” (after doing two training jumps from the lower part of Coogee jetty).

I’ve been walking around with a passion that’s burning inside of me. If you read my journals, particularly over the last fifteen years, it also speaks of one thing- inner design. How we were created with this inner design as our compass to guide us so that we can live out our purpose.

What does that mean on a day to day basis? What does it mean for your body, soul and spirit? Can you be satisfied with your life if you don’t know your inner design on these three levels?

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