When the fireworks lit up the sky at midnight on 1 January 2022, I was determined that this was going to be the year that I would kick some serious goals, and finally continue to give more support to families after their loss. And so far so good, I was on track to do just that – until my own family and I all had to isolate.

My plan was to launch a new app and create a space through workshops called ‘Clay + Connect’, where we will be able to learn how to deal with our new normal while making new connections with others and reconnecting with ourselves. But, I realised too that sometimes the shock of the unexpected means that we can’t just take up things where we left off or just keep going. Instead, we need to have grace for ourselves to take the time to pause, reflect, and rest before we can continue.

So, this blog I actually started writing at the beginning of April, so I had to take some of my own medicine, and do just that- pause. reflect. rest – before pressing publish.

Join me at Clay + Connect on 7 May 2022, 2-5pm, Willagee Community Centre.